How many Kubernetes clusters do you need

Administrators need to determind:

  • The number of Kubernetes clusters to manage
  • Node size
  • Decide which workloads should run on which cluster
  • Isolate apps for security and compliance measures


  • Compliance requirements: for example, to physically isolate data
  • Primary purpose of the cluster: an internal developer platform or production?
  • Workload constraints or requirements: certain workloads require specialized hardware (e.g. GPU) that's only available in certain regions
  • Customer requirements: some applications need to also run on-prem instead of SaaS
  • Size of the infrastructure or platform team able to support the clusters: can my team support 100s of clusters or do we need a more centralized solution?
  • Scale of the workloads running on Kubernetes: is your organization a small startup serving a few customers or a large corporation needing 1000s of nodes?





Logical and distributed primitives:__